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Springtime Joy & Resilience

Longing for Spring before Winter fully lets go of her grasp...

We draw on and build our resilience in these wild and volatile times.

Resilience is strength, perseverance and adaptability. It is also courage, confidence and deep trust.

And we’ve found that Joy is a powerful access point.



is a state of being-ness.

Little joys offer us reprieve from the chaos, busy-ness and hardness of our day. That is how they help us access resilience. We pause, smile, exhale and rest in a moment, so that we can receive.

This softens us for a minute and allows us to take in what we require, so that we can return to our day.

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From our customer-family:

“I love sipping the siberian ginseng tea you recommended. I add red rose petals, some honey and it sets up my evenings for a lovely wind-down and a good night’s sleep. Making and sipping the tea helped me create a calmer evening routine and I’m noticeably more rested in the mornings!”

- Aarti M.

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