Custom Tea Blends & Healing with Herbs


Mother Nature generously graces the earth with plants that inherently heal & nurture those who roam among them. Understanding how botanicals benefit our mind & body gives us the power to thrive in balance with our planet ✨    


Herbal healing is the foundational inspiration behind our apothecary, the philosophy that roots our approach to the custom herbal tea blends that we individually craft for our customers.

If you want to ease your mood, mind or body with a personally balanced blend, we’ll happily build a tea for you! 


We understand you may have questions about this process and we are here to help! 

You can contact Sonya, our in-house herbalist and the founder of Helen + Hildegard, directly by emailing your questions and inquiries to We also invite you to give us a ring by phone at 647.348.1833 where you can speak to someone directly.

To start, let us know what symptoms you are feeling or what type of mood, mind or body shift you would adjust. Below are a few blends we currently sell that have all been inspired by custom blend requests!



organic herbal tea blend seen through magnifying glass




1. Beauty Tea

    Tone and clear your skin with a blend of herbs that support your lymphatic and nervous systems with key vitamins and minerals for healthier skin. 


2. Breathe Tea

    This infusion of aromatic herbs will soothe your throat and calm a cough, giving you both upper and lower respiratory support.


3. Immune Boost Tea

    This fortifying blend of restorative roots and barks will give you the foundational strength to get you from run down to back on your feet.


4. Joy Tea

    Enjoy this uplifting blend of calming herbs that help you destress, feel comforted, joyful and open-hearted.


5. New Beginnings Tea

    A calming, nutritive blend to enjoy throughout the childbearing year from pre-conception and pregnancy to post-natal periods. Safe to use while breastfeeding.


6. Sleep Through the Night Tea

    This blend helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep more soundly, and wake up refreshed.


7. Women's Wisdom Tea

    A wonderful blend of balancing botanicals that support and tone a woman's reproductive system throughout any stage of her life.


8. Yummy Tummy Tea

    A warming digestive blend to sip before, during or after a meal to help ease tummy upset and bloating.




It is important to us that our customers have access to their daily therapeutic herbs, custom tea blends and apothecary essentials while staying in the comfort of their own home. We look forward to exploring herbal tea blends with you and making you something truly special!





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