Shoe-Pourri | Deodorizing Spray
Shoe-Pourri | Deodorizing Spray

Shoe-Pourri | Deodorizing Spray


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Shoe-Pourri is an odour stomping blend of cedarwood, eucalyptus and grapefruit essential oils that help eliminate shoe stink! Shoe-Pourri is the natural shoe odour eliminator that REALLY WORKS... GUARANTEED.

Shoe-Pourri is specifically designed to destroy odours on a molecular level by actively reacting with the bad smell molecules. It uses mal-odour neutralizing essential oils and natural enzymes to eliminate smelly shoe odours.

Independent tests prove it works more effectively than other shoe deodorizing products tested! 

Precautions: No parabens or phthalates. Avoid eye contact. For external use only; do not ingest. Use in well ventilated area. Keep away from children. Never tested on animals (only stinky humans).

2 fl oz / 60mL