Rice Flower Luxury Bath Milk

Rice Flower Luxury Bath Milk

Dot & Lil

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Dot & Lil's best-selling milk bath has luxuriously moisturizing whole milk powder, with ground oatmeal and baking soda to soften the water and your skin.

This super-rich and soothing formula turns the bath water milky, white and opaque and gives you a Cleopatra-like bathing experience. Leaves skin sweetly scented and soft. Packaged in a large glass vintage-style bottle.

Rice Flower is sweet, fresh and soft with a hint of ozone. This isn't your typical floral scent. Light and delicate, with a base of subtle, creamy vanilla and coconut. What are rice flowers? Rice flowers are small perfumed buds that grow on the Aglaia Odorata, or Chinese Perfume Tree.

11.6 oz / 330 g


Lac (whole milk) powder, Zea mays (corn) starch, Avena sativa (oatmeal), Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Parfum