Illuminate Lemongrass Body Cream

Illuminate Lemongrass Body Cream

Illuminate Lemongrass Body Cream

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A rich, fluffy cream for your entire body with a fresh, lemony and herbaceous scent. This uncomplicated cream helps retain all the moisture you need for fortified, healthy and toned skin. The high vitamin E (tocopherol) content provides a mild sunscreen and remedies damage caused by the elements. Maintains skin's elasticity and suppleness. 

8oz | 240mL


Apply to entire body to nourish skin and prevent dryness. A little goes a long way!

Shelf life: 6 months 



Purified water, Calendula* infused Sunflower oil*, Coconut oil*, Aloe vera juice*, Beeswax*, Vitamin E oil*, Grapefruit seed extract, Bergamot, Lemongrass* and Lavender* essential oils, 

*Certified organic, 99% organic

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