Fresh | Cypress + Cedarwood Deodorant

Fresh | Cypress + Cedarwood Deodorant


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A fresh, simple approach to natural deodorant. Thoughtfully chosen clary sage and lavender essential oils, witch hazel and magnesium reduce the activity of underarm bacteria, keeping unpleasant odours under control.

With a mist applicator and travel-friendly metal container, this deodorant can be cleanly sprayed on anytime, anywhere, without worrying about clothing stains or bacteria transferring onto your deodorant.

  • Easy spray on application

  • Does not stain clothing

  • Non-greasy and residue-free

Shake bottle, spray each armpit 2-3 times and allow to dry. Reapply through the day as needed.

Scent Profile: Fresh and woodsy

If you are making the switch to a natural deodorant for the first time, it may take up to 4 weeks for your body to adjust. Be patient for results to materialize! Things might be fine after the first week, but you may notice an increase in body odor in the second and third weeks as your body sweats more than usual and expels built-up toxins and chemicals from your sweat glands. Your underarm bacteria will also change as you switch to a new or natural deodorant and normalize over the first few weeks of use.

There are lots of things that can affect body odor, other than deodorant. Try some of the things below to naturally keep your smell under control:

1. Reapply during the day as needed (with a spray-on deodorant, this is super easy!)
2. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics as they can trap unpleasant odors
3. Stay well hydrated as this will dilute your sweat and reduce the amount of bacteria present
4. Stay active and sweat regularly to help detox your body
5. Keep your armpits clean and wash them thoroughly when bathing
6. Avoid eating processed foods, onion or garlic, as your diet has a noticeable impact on your stink

2.7oz / 80mL

Shelf life: 12 months 



Magnesium hydroxide, Witch hazel*, Aloe vera juice*, Glycerin, Cypress and Cedarwood essential oils

*Certified organic, 98% Organic