Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge
Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge
Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge
Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge
Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge
Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge

Cherry Blossom Facial Konjac Sponge

Yosh Konjac Sponge

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Suitable for All Skin Types: With Added Skin Smoothing & Brightening Effects

The Cherry Blossom Konjac Facial Cleansing Puff is handmade in Japan using 100% pure Konjac vegetable fibers infused with Cherry Blossom leaf essence from the Yoshino Cherry Tree and is suitable for all skin types. In Japan, leaves from the Yoshino Cherry Tree are commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products as they are believed to work wonders in revitalizing our skin and giving it a brighter and more luminous complexion. In addition, the soft and porous texture of the sponge makes it a gentle yet effective tool in resurfacing rough or uneven skin texture. Continued daily use of this sponge will reveal softer, smoother and healthier looking skin.

Ingredients: 100% Konjac Glucomannan, Cherry Blossom Leaf Extract, Pink Clay

Colour: Light Pink

Origin: Japan

100% Natural
100% Biodegradable
No Artificial Colouring, Preservatives or Toxic & Harmful Chemicals
Cruelty Free (No Animal Testing)
GMO-Free (Manufactured using vegetable fibers from NON-genetically modified Konjac Plants)
Fragrance Free
Can be used on a daily basis

Size: Dry: 7cm (Diameter), 2.5cm (Height); Wet: 8cm (Diameter), 3cm (Height)
* Size for each sponge may vary slightly given their handmade nature.

Konjac Sponges, unlike regular synthetic sponges, come in a dry and hard form and are biodegradable given their natural vegetable fiber properties.  As such, special steps need to be taken both from a usage and care perspective to ensure your sponge continues to deliver its best cleansing results.


  1. Once you remove the sponge from the packaging, the sponge should be very dry and hard.  Soak the sponge in warm water (or run it under the tap) until the sponge has expanded and is fully saturated with water.  At this point, the sponge should be nice and soft and ready for use.  Note: For first time usage, you may need to soak the sponge for up to 10-15 minutes.
  2. Gently massage your face with the sponge starting from the centre of your face and extending outwards in an upward direction.  This produces a lifting effect and avoids sagging skin.  Alternatively, gently massage your face using a circular motion.  If you have acne, avoid rubbing too harshly on the affected areas.  If preferred, you may also use the sponge with your favourite cleanser.  When cleansing with the sponge, try to hold the sponge gently in the palm of your hand without applying fingertip pressure on it. 
  3. Once you have completed cleansing your face with the sponge, gently rinse the sponge under the tap to remove any soap or dirt residue .  Using the palm of your two hands, lightly squeeze to drain out the excess water.  Please do not wring or squeeze the sponge too hard as this could damage the sponge.
  4. To store the sponge, you may either hang it up in a well-ventilated area to let it air-dry (most common approach), or you may put it in a sealed container to store in the fridge until the next use.  Note: Given its biodegradable properties, please do not leave the sponge under direct sunlight or place it in a wet or humid area as this could cause the sponge to disintegrate prematurely.        

Tips + Directions For Sponge Care

  • Do not store the sponge in a humid area or under direct sunlight
  • Always allow it to air-dry in a well-ventilated area in between each use (or place into a sealed container to store in the fridge).  Do not just leave it on the sink or counter-top as it will not dry properly.
  • Once a week (or more often, if preferred), disinfect the sponge by soaking the sponge in hot water.  Remove the sponge from hot water after a few minutes.  Once the sponge has cooled off a bit, gently press the sponge to drain out the excess water.  Hang up to air dry as usual.
  • When cleansing with the sponge, try to hold it in the palm of your hands and avoid using excessive (if any) fingertip pressure.  Constant fingertip pressure would eventually poke holes into the Sponge causing it to break apart prematurely.  Similarly, when draining out water from the Sponge after each use, please do not wring.  It is best to squeeze the Sponge gently between the palm of your two hands to drain out the excess water.  Just remember that gentle usage is the key for a longer-lasting Konjac Sponge!

If well taken care of, your Konjac Sponge should last at least 4-6 weeks.  After that, it is recommended that the sponge be replaced to ensure best cleansing results.

Given the sponge is made of 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, you may simply discard it in the compost bin once the time for replacement comes around!