Who Are Helen + Hildegard?

What's in a name? 

For us, it's the legacy of two highly spirited & deeply loving women from two very different corners of the globe.  Born in the early 20th century, Helen D'Cunha & Hildegard Thun represent a generation of wise women who were the heartbeat of the community, understanding inherently how to use healing plants for the health of themselves and their family. 

 Helen D'Cunha (India, circa 1935)

Moving forward through time, after working for over twenty years in the fields of Natural Product Development & Sustainability, their granddaughter, traditional herbalist Sonya D'Cunha, founded the Toronto-based Herbal Apothecary & Artisanal Beauty Boutique in 2015 to provide an inclusive & rich space offering beautiful & ethical products inspired by the world of applied botanicals. 

 Hildegard Thun (Germany, circa 1937)

In naming the shop HELEN + HILDEGARD, Sonya honours her two amazing grandmothers & the millions of women around the world & over time who have been the knowledge keepers of the art & science of plant medicine.  

Sonya, 11 years old with her Grandma & Omi, 1983.   At the shop, 2017