Helen + Hildegard Herbal Infusion Process


At Helen + Hildegard Wholesale, the traditional method of preparing botanical macerations is honoured and enhanced, reflected in our diverse roster of Herbal Oil Infusions for cosmetic and personal care use.  

Founded in 2015 as a refined manufacturer of distinctive botanical ingredients for the Health & Beauty industry, our practices are rooted in the collective 30+ years in natural product development and regulatory experience of our Research & Development team.  We stay ahead of the curve by tracking beauty trends & monitoring changes in natural regulations to ensure that our ingredients are highly effective, innovative and compliant to the evolving natural standards.

We engage a global supply of botanical growers and oil manufacturers to access competitive, reliable and high quality sources of natural materials that are the foundation of our infusions.


We produce Herbal Infused Oils using a time-honoured approach that extracts the active health & beauty components of the plant.  Botanicals are gently heated in high-quality carrier oil for several hours to draw out the beneficial properties of the plant into the base material.

Once strained and double fine-filtered, the pure herbal infusion can be used as a key ingredient in personal care formulations of all formats including:

Salves & Balms       Masks & Scrubs       Lip Balms & Glosses       Candles

Creams & Lotions       Massage Blends       Bar & Liquid Soaps      Bath Oils