Herbal Apothecary & Artisanal Beauty Boutique


Beauty Infused In Everything

This is the Helen + Hildegard philosophy, reflected in our unique collection of natural beauty brands and organic herbal teas. H+H is where traditional botanical principles and innovation in green chemistry come together. 

Helen + Hildegard Store Image

The Best Brands in Natural Beauty Care

Local and global green beauty brands conscientiously sourced from sustainably responsible suppliers, all of the product lines at H+H draw from the intelligence of plants to instil healthy skin experiences and leave a beneficial footprint on our planet.

Therapeutic Tisanes

Our dispensary of certified organic loose leaf teas support health & beauty from the inside out, with custom tea blends made on the spot by traditional herbalists. The most popular, enjoyable and effective of our formulas make up the range of H+H Organic Tea Blends, prepacked and ready to go.

Botanically Inspired Provisions

Throughout the shop, we curate hand-crafted jewelry by local designers, high quality pure essential oils, stylish aromatherapy diffusers, scented soy candles and specialty tea accessories as complementary collections to enhance wellness and joy in the everyday.