Who Are Helen + Hildegard?

What's in a name? 

For us, it's the legacy of two highly spirited & deeply loving women from two very different corners of the globe.  Born in the early 20th century, Helen D'Cunha & Hildegard Thun represent a generation of wise women who were the heartbeat of the community, understanding inherently how to use healing plants for the health of themselves & their family. 

 Helen D'Cunha (India, circa 1935)


Moving forward through time, after working for over twenty years in the fields of Natural Product Development & Sustainability, their granddaughter, traditional herbalist Sonya D'Cunha, founded the Toronto-based Herbal Apothecary & Artisanal Beauty Boutique in 2015 to provide an inclusive & rich space offering beautiful & ethical products inspired by the world of applied botanicals. 

 Hildegard Thun (Germany, circa 1937) 


In naming the shop HELEN + HILDEGARD, Sonya honours her two amazing grandmothers & the millions of women around the world who have been the knowledge keepers of the art & science of plant medicine.

Sonya with her Grandma & Omi
Sonya, age 11, with her Grandma & Omi (Toronto, 1983)
Sonya in her Dispensary
Sonya dispensing custom teas at H+H (Toronto, 2015) 
Sonya and her daughter Tessa
Sonya & her daughter, Tessa, Design & Media Manager of H+H (Toronto, 2015)
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