One-of-a-Kind Cross Stitch Card | Strawberry

One-of-a-Kind Cross Stitch Card | Strawberry

Can't Talk, Stitching

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Medium-Sized Lime Green Card with White Envelope

A note from the designer ~ 

I can't stop making things! 

Started stitching when I was nine when Home Economics was a thing.

The idea of one little 'x' next to another little 'x' that can eventually turn into something lovely is magical to me. Mosaic work, stain glass, jigsaw puzzles, reading, collecting stories are all hypnotic and necessary in my life. 

I also love words. Matching one word with one image was a way for me to share my humour and keep it simple at the same time. 

DMC cotton thread is one of the most popular embroidery thread in the world which is what is used in all my pieces. I'm proud to say that I'm a direct descendant of the Dolfus-Mieg family being a great- great-great-great Granddaughter on my mothers side. (phew)

I want to spend my days stitching, making muffins for my kids (maybe eating one) and slowing down. We should all slow down.

Hope you enjoy my creative outlook. I do.

- Madeleine Domingue