8 Plastic-Free Bathroom Products For $24 & Under


There is nothing better than a soothing bath or facial scrub to exfoliate away the stress of the day!

With so many amazing natural green beauty brands, it’s wonderful to know we can take care of ourselves by purchasing thoughtfully crafted products with clean and natural ingredients. But have you ever considered how many of your products take up shelf space with unnecessary plastic packaging?


Consider this...

Shampoo and conditioner products are a staple in most households but did you know only 1 in 5 people will recycle the plastic packaging it comes in? Take a moment to consider this and how many other plastic products you may have in your bathroom.

Below we have curated a list of some of our favourite plastic-free bathroom products all for $24 or under ✨




Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo Box


1. Lavender Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

    Meow Meow Tweet


    Formulated with hemp seed oil, coconut milk and the soothing scent of lavender, this shampoo bar nourishes the scalp and hair with a rich lather of goodness! Not only is this product plastic free but it is also multipurpose. Moisturize and condition more than just your hair when you use this bar as a lathering soap on your skin. Follow your shampoo with the conditioner bar!




2. Lavender Hemp Conditioner Bar

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    Rich in omega thanks to the generous properties of hemp seed oil this conditioner bar was crafted to detangle and moisturize the scalp and hair. Leaving a soft and shiny finish with the sweet smell of lavender you can leave your shower knowing your hair is fresh and clean! For best results use after shampooing.




 3. Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Swabs

    The Future is Bamboo


    Cotton swabs are a common bathroom item that can be made of many different materials. Why question which to buy when you can trust in the power of bamboo! 100% biodegradable, these soft to the touch cotton swabs are gentle and easy to use. Available in multiple colours so you can give your bathroom a touch of personality!




4. Green Tea Konjac Facial Sponge

    Yosh Konjac Sponge


    Gently cleanse and exfoliate your face with the anti-inflammatory benefits of the 100% pure Konjac vegetable fibres in the facial Konjac sponges. Infused with green tea which is full of antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, this sponge was designed to help suppress acne, reduce swelling and redness, while gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Soak this little sponge in warm water to soften before use and store in a dry place. To extend its life use on the skin before your oil cleansers to avoid clogging the sponge pours with excess oils.




5. Biodegradable Soap

    Matter: Outdoors


    This soap was designed for you and for nature! With a 100% biodegradable base, this soap won't impact the natural pH levels of the water in your area. A perfect addition to your plastic free bathroom, this soap is also wonderful to take camping or to the cottage as it is never harming to the lake, your watershed or the land!




6. Himalayan Crystal Salt Scrub Exfoliating Bar

    Earth Lux


    Exfoliate your skin with nature's natural substance, salt! 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals, mined right from the Himalayans, this bar offers a holistic and clean approach to your routine. Using this bar improves your skin's overall appearance by removing dead skin cells, harmful bacteria and toxins. Use directly on dry skin to see best results as it is not intended to be used wet as the water will deteriorate the salt crystals.




7. Agave Mitt Body Polisher



    Increase the lather of your body wash with a touch of natural exfoliation with the help of the Agave Mitt. Made of maguey agave, a plant native to the areas of South America, this natural fibre product removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation in the body. Environmentally friendly and socially responsible, this product is handmade in Mexico. Rinse after use and store in a dry place for extend this products life.




8. Underarm Bar

    Kaia Naturals


    Designed to moisturize and odourize one of the most sensitive areas of our skin, the Underarm bar is a go to soap bar to support your active lifestyle. Moisten this bar in the shower and lather in the underarm to manage odour that is caused by bacteria. Thanks to activated charcoal, enhance the power of deodorant in your shower routine!

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